Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Taylor in Mormonland

Hello All! Here are some shots of Taylor at Stadium of Fire 2006, doing what he does. We were sitting across the stadium from the stage, and so I had my trusty camera zoomed out all the way. I was hoping to capture some classic Taylor spasticity, and I feel I succeeded. I say "classic" despite the fact that he's only been nationally known for about five months. The crowd went muy loco for El Taylor Hicks. An aside about Provo: I don't get there nearly often enough. It was a very nice change climate-wise and scenery-wise. I was still thinking of Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe as we were making our way to our seats. It was maybe 80 degrees when we sat down. Totally different from going to an ASU football game in August.

Shown below is a poor fellow who has some Lee Ann Womack memorabilia to move. Judy nudged me and pointed as we were passing him on the way to the ramp. What a sad sight. Not too sad for me to resist taking a picture, however. Notice that not only is no one buying anything, but I was barely able to get anybody else in frame besides the seller.

I heartily agree with Judy's remarks about it being an awesome experience. Taylor seemed to be quite genuine, and very gracious with the fans. But, I agree that in the photo of he and I there does seem to be a layer of fear under that smile. To take a look, see Judy's blog:
If nothing else, Hicks is unique. I fully expect that in about 20-30 years, there will be a brisk trade in Vegas for Taylor impersonators.