Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Here's a pre-reunion Joanne freebie

This is a clipping I ran across in my stuff, which I promptly scanned. Shown are (l to r) Charlie Waters and Cliff Harris. Stalwarts of the Dallas Cowboys legendary "Doomsday Defense" of the 1970's, Charlie and Cliff (aka Captain Crash) formed one of the most feared and intense safety tandems of the era. Their playing styles complemented eachother. While defending receivers Charlie would usually go for the interception, whereas Cliff was always aiming for the hit. One one memorable highlight Cliff zeroed in on a wide reciever. Intent on impact, Cliff actually ended up knocking Charlie out, who was trying to cover the receiver as well.
Charlie played in 5 Super Bowls: V, VI, X, XII, and XIII, with victories in VI and XII. Due to cumulative damage to his knee, he retired following the 1982 NFC Championship vs the Niners (the "Catch").
Why am I telling all this history about Dallas Cowboy Charlie Waters?
Because, dear relatives, in case you did not know this (I know some do) your Aunt/sister/grammy/great-grammy Joanne was pretty sweet on Ol' Charlie.
So there you have it. A free fact about Joanne. Hopefully you'll read this before next week - that way you can subject her to some good-natured ribbing over it.
Oh, and btw, Judy and Becky thought he was pretty cute too.