Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just a few days now

I had to change the title of this entry. I typed it up in June and titled it "Just a Few Weeks Now." I wanted to add some more stuff and so I saved it as a draft, and well, here we are just about one week away.
I can't wait to get together with everyone after so long. Fifteen years means lots of catching up to do. Of course I know some of us have met from time to time during the past one and a half decades. There has been the odd funeral. But this is shaping up to be an event.
How many of you, when watching the movie Big Fat Greek Wedding, scoffed at Toula's attempt to shock "Ee-an" Miller by telling him she had 29 first cousins. Nice try babe! Ooooh, twenty-nine first cousins.
Anyway, I am excited to see all you folks. Let's make some memories.