Thursday, September 17, 2009

Old Familiar Places

The trip Mom, Jeff, Ross, and I took to Texas back in July was a great time to reconnect. And not only with people, but places.

It has been decades since these homes, church houses, and other places ceased playing any direct role in our lives, but it still meant a lot to be able to stand on my two feet in front of them, walk across their green lawns, and breathe the air of those places...again.

They have all changed, and some have passed away.

4915 Love Road El Paso, TX.

6639 Country Club Circle Dallas, TX

Former site of the Turtle Creek L.D.S. Chapel, Turtle Creek Blvd Dallas, TX.

The Turtle Creek Chapel parking lot now...

...and then.

The Turtle Creek building. I scanned this from an old Sunday School program dated September 7, 1969. Back in the days when Sunday School was in the morning and Sacrament mtg. was in the afternoon. Looking at the above photo, my best estimation of the vantage point for the program photo would be at the treeline in the center of the photo, maybe a little left, and aiming towards you.


Caitlin said...

Wow the houses look so different! My dad showed me the original pictures of the Country Club house and it has so many additions now.

Love the pic of Grandpa.

Zachary Taylor said...

Yeah they really kooked that house up. It's like the Weasley's moved in and they're trying to turn it into "The Burrow."
BTW, you do realize that the VW camper on the left is "the Camper," don't you? Used to be white. Another fyi is that my dad is carrying Sarah's carseat/cradle thingy.